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The most efficient water filter in the world


We are more than just a water filter resale company

💧FLEX FILTER is the public’s favorite for Filters with Ceramic Filter Element [the water contained in the upper reservoir passes through the Ceramic Filter Element and falls “drop by drop” in the lower reservoir] providing a superior purification quality and the same while maintaining all the nutritional characteristics of the water.

We have the best product on the domestic water purifier market.
We offer a healthy and safe water, merit of the Triple Action Ceramic Filter Element with COLOIDAL SILVER & ACTIVATED CARBON that together eliminate bacteria and impurities from the water.

Our company managed to combine tradition and technology, and today we are a leader in the distribution and sale of gravity filters, being present in dozens of countries. For more than 70 years on the market, our products have received quality certificates from the most renowned national and international institutes, and have proven their efficiency.

We ensure the quality of the water filtered by our purifiers, which are in line with international norms and standards for improving water quality.




The Most Efficient Water Filter in the World

According to research carried out by American scientists, and published in the book “The Drinking Water Book”, the traditional Brazilian filter, it is probably the best water purification system in the world.
This efficiency results from the gravity filtering process, in which water passes through the filter elements and drips slowly into the lower reservoir. Exactly what does not happen in the flow of taps or pipes, since pressure is what drives the flow of water. Therefore, microorganisms and sediments end up passing through the system and depositing themselves in the cups. In addition, research has also shown that the most modern filtration systems are not able to prevent the presence of dangerous elements such as fluorine and arsenic, for example.